Dear Pain Sufferer,

If you are like most fibromyalgia sufferers, you are suffering from inscrutiable pain and missing out on life.  You’ve searched for fibromyalgia medicine, only to be disappointed.

You know it’s difficult to lead a normal life with this condition. You don’t want a medicine to treat fibromyalgia, you want to cure fibromyalgia and beat it.

You may be feeling like life is going on without you. You may be severely fatigued and in lots of pain. You may feel like life is never going to get better.

You may be at your wits end, frustrated with the pain, mad at the depression, and sore at the world.
If you have lost hope of ever feeling better again, then I am glad you found this site. If you can imagine yourself feeling better again and leading a life without pain, fatigue, headaches, and overall yuckiness…I want you to know that you can feel better.

Fibromyalgia sufferers have some things in common:

Well, you are not crazy and if these are some of the things you feel from this condition…

Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Because there is a way anyone can feel better and fight Fibromyalgia and symptoms of Fibromyalgia and start living life again, even if you have lost hope.

You are about to learn how to live the rest of your life worry free and without the anxiety of whether you are going to be able to function with Fibromyalgia. You are going to beat it!


How Fibromyalgia Nearly Ruined My Live and Now is a Blessing…

I know the pain and suffering and hopelessness associated with this condition. I have been an athlete my entire life, from soccer to skiing and everything in between. Sports were my life.

Intense training schedules were common, however, a good diet was not and something finally gave… My body!

…I had just had a baby and couldn’t move, the pain was unbearable. My body ached all the time! I didn’t understand what this mysterious illness was, but I was scared.

After I have my child, my whole body went haywire. I thought it must be because I was just over doing it with a new baby. Boy was I right and wrong.

Right I was over doing it, wrong that that was the cause of my troubles.

I was suffering and needed help. I went from doctor to doctor looking for answers and relief but at the same time thinking I was crazy. I also thought the doctors thought I was crazy. There was nothing they could do to help me. Unbearable depression set in.

I had lost hope of having energy and health and being able to function in life. But I found an answer.

I quickly searched the internet for all kinds of information and with the help of doctors, found the research in journals to help me on my way to healing.
Now this was no little chore…I literally spent sleepless nights, which you also may recognize as a symptom, searching every internet site, every medical journal, combing through the tedious of research to find something to help.

I knew there had to be a solution out there somewhere, I just kept searching and searching. This journey was a lengthy, knowledgeable, eye-opening experience, I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

It started with me reading everything I could about this condition. I poured over the internet, I poured over the medical journals at the library. I even made a $15,000 dollar appointment down to the Mayo Clinic looking for relief there.

Then I started to try a few of the more unconventional therapies that I had read about. I began experimenting with supplements to cure Fibromyalgia, detox diets for fibromyalgia. I tried everything. I went to a chiropractic doctor with an open mind and he taught me about the importance of nutrition. I began to put all the pieces together.

Boy was there some floozy’s as well. I tried some very weird voodoo like therapies promising to help me get better. There were some real scams out there that did nothing but empty my pocketbook. I tried everything, I was desperate. However, good things came from testing different approaches.

After quite some time of doing these therapies, I found that I was feeling better. I repeated the process with the things I knew were helping. My refined solution made me better. I had escaped the evil confines this condition had on me and now live a life full of energy and vitality again.

My doctor’s were amazed at how far I had come without the use of conventional medicine. I can honestly say I am not on one prescription drug today.

I battled back and feel great!

Whether you have been through many doctors or just starting down this path…This system can help. And the good news is the research has already been done so you don’t have to spend countless hours at the library and on the internet.

This is the same system that I applied to help me combat Fibromyalgia symptoms and start healing my body. I would never trade what I have learned; it’s been a great blessing.