Good News For Chronic Pain Sufferers

In research done by Columbia University located in New York, researchers have identified a certain protein in nerve calls that can turn on and off chronic pain.

This is important to Fibromyalgia sufferers because they are looking at developing a drug that may be able to block chronic pain by essentially turning that switch to off.

The enzyme protein kinase G or (PKG) is activated upon inflammation or injury. This is important for the Fibromyalgia community because the researchers believe that with continued research they will be able to alleviate those with chronic pain.

So how does chronic pain turn on? Well, it has been believed that for years there is something that signals it on inside the peripheral nerve cells. These are neurons that feed from the body to the nerve cells in the spinal cord and relay pain to the brain. So once these are on, the trick is to find out how to shut them off.

The pain becomes chronic when the pn’s continue to send the pain messages even after the inflammation or injury heals. The switch stays on.

Now Columbia University researchers have found the identity of the switch. This is good news to those who suffer from chronic pain. The problem is what can you do in the mean time to alleviate the pain?

There is a way to get your body aligned again and in harmony to turn the master switch off. Natural remedies that consist of detoxing your body, ridding it of harmful toxins, building a healthy environment to heal itself and then maintaining a healthy lifestyle are all building blocks to ridding chronic pain.

You don’t have to live a life full of pain anymore. You don’t have to take toxic drugs to fight pain that don’t solve the problem but just attempt to mask it. You can learn to reprogram your body to a healthful and pain free state.

While the researcher’s news is wonderful for those who suffer daily with chronic pain, there are steps you can take right now to begin your journey to good health with the simple steps of detoxification, rejuvenation, and maintenance.